2 Silhouettes, 2 Porsche

One came home.

On my 227th post is Hot Wheels newest Car Culture with the RWB Porsche 930 from their Silhouettes series.

When I saw the Lamley Group announced that the newest Car Culture which was slated for a May release was discovered in Walmart, I never bother to check it in our area as they usually never show up till later. Went to Walmart last Friday and out of the corner of my eye I saw this model lying on the shelf and the Porsche 935 hanging in another area. It dawn on me that collectors or scalpers had already gone thru the sets and left just these 2. Luckily I was actually interested in this matte black Porsche so this fella went home with me.


Not knowing anything about RWB I check out the internet and found this in the Rauh-Welt website.

RWB/RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF is a Porsche tuner located in Japan and has now opened its US Operations in California. RWB has combined Japanese and Euro tuning elements, creating the distinct RWB style for Porsche chassis.

Reading further into the article this company seems to specialized in body kits for Porsche. For those familiar with RWB I would like to know what makes it special? Do they also install upgrades on engines?




I like how the designer (Jum Imai?) came up with this good looking model. Those deep-barrel 6-spokes are awesome and were tooled up for this casting. And that rear spoiler and 3, that’s right 3 exposed exhaust are out of this world. Only disappointment that I have is I was hoping that they would do the same as what they did with the Mazda 787b by including removable or opening hood.

And lastly let’s not forget the card art on the packaging. It really pops.

Added bonus. Here is the 1:1.

Image borrowed from Drivingline website