On my 109th post is another beautiful Skyline. But not just another Skyline but was based on a Hakosuka owned by one Roy De Guzman whose kaido racer graphics, a livery he created himself became popular during it’s first appearance in JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show) in 2015.

Somehow someone at Hot Wheels must have notice it and just like the new ‘Mad Mike ‘Mazda Repu pickup, this also got turned into a Hot Wheels casting.

But one thing lacking is some nice detail on the front and back of this car so some colors were applied to give it more detail and here is the result.



Photo borrowed from internet

Comparing Roy’s actual car to the Hot Wheels and you will see some differences between them.

I heard of many complains about misapplied tampos and paint on this model and mine is no exception as can be seen on the hood.


Now that more real cars are being turned by Hot Wheels into die cast, who knows, maybe your own 1:1 car may one day be the next Hot Wheels project.