Hot Sixty 4th: Spaghetti Sat - One nice Italian classic

In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. Before Hot Wheels came into the scene with their Italian race car, Matchbox started it with a stock everyday car. Let’s now look at my 38th post the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA from Matchbox.

A few months ago I introduces my TLV Alfa Romeo in blue which complimented this earlier release by Matchbox


This model was released around 2007 and I fell in love with the design. It was also released as a single in white and in a 10 pack.

What I loved about this was Mattel gave it some details on the front and back with no unnecessary tampos on the side. This is how I think Matchbox should release their models.


There is even a license plate at the back.

Of course it isn’t a perfect model as they used chrome in their interior. My guess is in order to save on extra parts they probably molded it with the bumper.


I wondered if Mattel thinks this wasn’t a best seller at that time as I don’t recall having seen this model again under the Matchbox brand till it was resurrected in the Hot Wheels Forza series.

Anyway hope you enjoy the pictures.

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