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Hot Sixty 4th: Squareback Saturday with 50th Fav 5

Hello everyone and welcome to my 200th post as I will be showing some of the Hot Wheels 50th Favorites that I like and acquired. The 5th and last one is the Custom ‘69 VW Squareback.

Number 4 of 10, this is the last Fav in my collection. I snag the only VW hanging amongst the Fav pegwarmers. I am loving this vintage looking VW service livery in which a stick person has the head of a VW logo.


Like most of the Favorites, it comes with Real Riders and metal chassis but no opening parts. The only one that came with opening parts is the VW T1 Drag bus.

Some of you may asked why I didn’t collect the whole set. I am rarely a completist unless 99% of the castings are the ones that I collect.


So in conclusion, hope everyone had a fun time with some of my Favs and let me know if you went for the complete set or just a few selections.

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