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Hot Sixty 4th: T1 Thursday with 50th Fav 2

Hello everyone and welcome to my 195th post as I will be showing some of the Hot Wheels 50th Favorites that I like and acquired. The 2nd one will feature the VW T1 Drag Bus from Hot Wheels.

Number 6 of 10, this was also release on the 2nd wave. The VW Drag Bus was first released in 1996 as a mainline and ever since then has become a true favorite of Hot Wheels collectors. When I first saw this it was not something that I would grab as I did not like the odd proportion of the body and the very huge rear wheels as I am more onto the stock version. Yet as a VW collector, I have learned to like this odd shaped T1 and had been on the lookout for this ever since.


This is also one of the models I did not find locally so like the ‘55 Chevy gasser, also received this as a Christmas gift.


This 50th Fav of the VW includes some very interesting features like opening body and as a zamac.


This mostly metal is slightly heavier than most Hot Wheels and definitely would recommend this to anyone unless you absolutely hate odd shaped body.

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