Big things with little cars

There are times when what you don’t expect pops up all of the sudden. On my 176th post, that something is the Volkswagen T2 Pickup by Hot Wheels.

First released in 2017 in matte beige, I was fortunate enough to have found it, would you believe during an overseas trip when the salesman noticed I was looking at the Hot Wheels peg and promptly asked me if I was interested in the VW which is exactly what I was looking for.


This latest release was probably the 3rd with the “Hot Wheels Hardware” tampo on the side and according to the blister pack was in the P case.

A recent find just 2 days ago, this seems to be the one and only P case hanging on the pegs in Target so it was surprising it even showed up as I’ve been looking for this livery for months and never seems to find it or could have already been scalped. Whether there was a recent restock or just someone returning, I’m definitely not complaining.


I really liking the chrome flat bed and the glossy weathered look.


Time to turn off the lights. Nighty night.

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