On my 149th post is the 1976 Volkswagen Type 2 Double Cab Pickup Ladder Truck by Greenlight.

This is from their Club V-Dub series 5 and I ordered this online as I was not able to find this at TRU.


A nice looking T2 pickup with added ladder which is a nice touch as I haven’t yet seen any 1/64 ladder trucks that were recently release by any US brand.

So what functions does this model offer? The wheels does role, the ladder looks nice and..... nothing. Nothing on what? Well when the model has a ladder I expect some functionality but to my disappointment, it does not swivel nor move at all unlike the Matchbox brand of the Lesney days when they would have the ladder move and even extend upward.


So how do I feel about this model? Even without that feature, this is still a good variation for your VW T2 collection.