Welcome again to another DLM cars from 1/64 and smaller and sometimes larger. Here is the next installment of my Skyline blog in celebration of their 60th anniversary this year. My 69th post is about that next generation.

Before I begin I would like to give credit to several websites like JapaneseNostalgiccar.com, Nissan-GTR-turbo.info, etc for these information.

If you missed the introduction of the first Skyline model, check it here.

The 2nd generation Prince Skyline came out in 1963 and was built till 1968 in sedan (S50) and wagon (W50) form.


It featured the new G1 engine, a 1484ccm OHV 4-cylinder, producing 70hp.

Then in 1964 Prince started an attempt to go into racing.


For this purpose the S50’s wheel base was extended by cutting the car off in front of the fire wall and adding an extra 8 inches of panel work to make a 6 cylinder engine fit in.

Then it uses the G7 engine, a 1988ccm OHC inline-6 from the upper class S40 Gloria model, was installed to the car.

The resulting car was called the S54 series or the Skyline 2000GT in which this model is based upon.


It came in two versions.

The GT-A used an unchanged version of the G7 engine with only a single carburetor and 105hp. The GT-B on the other hand got a 5-speed close ratio gearbox, full instrumentation, a limited slip differential, power brakes, a 99 liter fuel tank and a high compression version of the G7 with triple 40DCOE-18 Weber carburetors and 125hp.


The GT-B was chosen to be used for racing.

This racing livery with the #39 is based on the actual car driven by Yoshikazu Sunako at the second Japan Grand Prix in 1964.


The relatively unknown racing car was in competition with a Porsche 904 and in one of the laps a team mate Tetsu Ikuzawa who was also driving the Skyline (#41) was able to pass the Porsche. In an interview with Sunako San, he was asked what was the feeling of the team and drivers when Tetsu Ikuzawa passed the Porsche.

It was a great feeling when Ikuzawa passed the 904. I thought Prince had a real chance to win the race. However, the Porsche retook him and then I thought it was my job to beat it. After signaling to Ikuzawa, I went absolutely flat out chasing the 904, and eventually came second with Ikuzawa coming in third 20 seconds later.


Released by Tomica under their Tomica Limited series, this is not the same as their TLV which is consistent with their 1/64 scale while this is more of a premium upgrade from their basic line. Although the actual car was still manufactured by Prince, Tomica decided to name it Nissan Skyline 2000GT-B, and it features rubber tires, realistic wheels and opening features.


With a beautiful car like this and having the color blue, it deserves to be transported by no less than the Mercedes Blue Wunder.

And here’s the 1:1.

Image borrowed from Nissan GTR turbo