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Hot Sixty 4th: Tomica #134 Keisei Articulated Bus

In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. The 20th one is another small size die cast compare to the real thing being that the scale is 1:120. This is the Tomica Keisei Articulated bus.

When I saw this exceptionally long bus offered by Tomica years ago I didn’t have second thoughts as I was fascinated by the real bus when I first saw one. This is my first and only articulated bus.


As you can see on the front it has the Keisei logo. According to info on the web the Keisei Bus is a private operator providing transit bus service in Tokyo. My one complain is that the headlights were not shaped like the ones pictured on the box as this looks more like tiny rectangles.

This bus is based on the Volvo B10M. In Japan, the 1998 B10M had the 7E body built by Fuji Heavy Industries, with the only operator being Keisei Bus Co, Ltd at the time, with 100 units.


This was the longest bus in Japan at the time of its introduction. Feature on this model includes moving the other half of the body left and right.


Here is the real bus. Hope you enjoy this little tidbit.

Photo borrowed from the internet.

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