In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. My 11th one goes back to Tomica TLV Neo where we will now look at the Toyota brand with their TownAce Van. I just realized that the title is full of “T”s.

First introduced in 1976, this is a smaller size van than the HiAce which I’ve shown on my former blog. According to wikipedia the “Ace” moniker references the Toyota Toyoace medium-duty truck sold starting 1956. The “Town” in TownAce alludes to the suitability of the model for urban areas.

I was actually hoping for Tomica to release a TLV HiAce as I like the size and look of the first generation. But for now I am satisfied with the TownAce. I believe this model is based on the first generation as well.

Tomica released this model around November of 2014 and may not look like the turbo charge Honda Odyssey with nice racing strip introduce recently by Hot Wheels but the detail on this is superb and includes a Tomica Limited Vintage sticker. The only disappointment I had on this was the fact that for an expensive die cast I expected the base to be made of metal but this was made of plastic instead. This was one of the models that I received from Amiami.