In this series I will showcase DLM cars ranging within the 1/64 and smaller. Looks like I’m on the roll with my 1/64 collection and just in time for Samurai Sunday. My 4th one is the Land Cruiser pickup by Tomica.

This is a new release for 2015. When I saw this in the internet, I really wanted it without a second thought. I nearly missed the opportunity to get it at a good price from seller like amiami as they were down to one when I wanted to order 2.

Even when I went overseas a few months later to look for it, this specific model was nowhere to be found. Looks like a pretty hot seller.

After receiving it I immediately opened it and notice that although the cab was die cast, the pickup bed is made of plastic and was made in Vietnam. I’ve notice that a lot of Tomicas that were made in Vietnam were not issued with opening parts anymore. Luckily this is not one of them.


I love this vintage looking Land Cruisers specially now they have a pickup casting. But wait, I happened to stumble upon a website called TLF Truck and they indicated that toyota recently reissued this Land Cruiser 70 pickup truck as a celebration for the 30th year since the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Pickup Truck first hit the market. This is, pretty much, the same truck that was first built in 1984. A few safety upgrades (like airbags and anti-lock brakes) and some external upgrades (such as integrated blinkers in the headlights and a new grill) differentiate the new Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Pickup Truck from the original. So I’m guessing this casting was made due to a reissue and I’m glad Toyota and Tomica did.

Look! Separate headlights instead of painted on.