And I am not making this up. For my 154th post is the dynamic duo of Wicked Wagons by who else but Johnny Lightning.

So wait, these are panel/delivery van and not the typical American station wagon. That’s right. They are not the family wagon but these 2 came under JL’s Wicked Wagons theme.

Let’s check them out.


Here is the ‘65 Volkswagen Delivery Van release 3. This comes with dual tone matte and gloss black. My first impression is the flames remind me of Hot Wheels and the color reminds me of the ‘Black Bandit’ series.


Here is the ‘50 Chevy Panel Van release 1. This kind of remind me of an old vintage hearse and with the ‘Wicked Wagon’ name printed on it, you would not want to meet this in the middle of the night. I think I see a movie in the making and I would call it ‘Chris’ as the black Chevy would be a great partner with the red Plymouth ‘Christine’. Wickedly fun.

And with an opening hood, the Chevy has better play value.


And here they are in their packaging. I’m speculating that they began this series when the ‘Black Bandit’ license is no longer own by JL.