Hot Wheels ’71 Plymouth Satellite

From the 17 Halloween Series, the ’71 Plymouth Satellite. The series has been hard to find around here, I’ve only seen a few in each Walgreens around me, and nowhere else. The Satellite is the standout of the bunch, as far as I’m concerned. Heavy body, metal base, feels like a premium release but at a mainline price (or thereabouts, I think Walgreens was charging 1.29).


The series features the new skull wheels, which are kind of cool on the right casting. On the Satellite, however, I knew something better was in order. Sourced a second one (I’ve yet to see more than one Plymouth on a peg), brought out the drill, and here it is…I think it’s a very necessary improvement.

And as proof that the skull wheels can work, I threw a set from the Chevy pickup in the series on the new Integra as a goof…but I ended up liking it a lot!


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