My girlfriend always had Advent Calendars for the Christmas season when she was a kid. I'd heard of them, but never had any myself. She decided that was a problem that needed rectified.

She had a bag of Hot Wheels that I'd picked out and she'd purchased, planning to give them to me for Christmas or my birthday or whatever reason. That's where the Advent calendar idea originally spawned. She needed a few extra cars, so she raided the extra cars I hadn't opened yet. To date, I'm not entirely sure what cars she pulled from my purchases. Luckily, I've got a fun way to find out over the next few weeks!

The calendar is made up of 25 toilet paper rolls wrapped in various colors of tissue paper with wrapping paper around the outside. Originally she had glue-spotted all 25 of them to some strips and hung them on the wall. We came home to find about 8 or 9 had fallen off one day last week. This weekend she came up with the idea to tie the packages up with ribbon, shown in the above picture.

Day 1...


...the C6 Fire Chief Corvette!

Stay tuned for daily updates!