Big things with little cars

Hot Wheels Aston Martin One-77.

I do like Aston Martins. I want to see more of them in the blue brand. I like the real One-77. However, I was not sure if I’d like this, but since I like the 1:1, I picked it up. Now that I have it, I really like it. It looks pretty good. I don’t think any of the models in the GT are bad, but, I wasn’t sure how much I’d like this one. However, I love it! Been wanting a new One-77 in the collection, anyway.


With other British cars:

I also did see a DBS at Target, but it seems like there was some sort of nick on the roof, so I didn’t get it. In any case, glad to have this release of the One-77!

In addition, like I said, I wanna see more Astons in the HW assortment. Yes, this is my obligatory “Aston Martin Vulcan casting please” sentence, but the up sloped front end was not present on the Renault that debuted this year, and the C7R is getting that fixed(I also wanna see the 2015 Z06 in the blue brand, but that’s for another day), and I’d imagine at some point, the Vantage GT3 and maybe even that Viper will get re-tooled as well. So, why not a Vulcan? Why not a DB11? Why not that new car Aston is making alongside Red Bull? If the models are well done, people are going to like them, and, probably want them for the collection. Without Ferrari, we need other big exotic car brands like Lamborghini and Aston Martin used to their fullest extent in the blue brand. We need something to fill those big shoes, don’t we?

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