Well, basement find.
This is why I have to get down there and CLEAN it out. I was looking for a specific item and came across a sealed box that I didn't know what was.
Remember when Mattel first realized what a cash cow they had with the 1996 FE VW Drag Bus? And they started making "specials" that were for internet only sales?
Well, I just found my gold internet bus, still wrapped up in its Mattel bubble wrap.

That, is staying in the collection. But, if you recall, Mattel had to start to sweeten the pot when people weren't knocking each other over in the rush to pay $60 plus s&h for the privilege of owning one. For this example they gave you a box of 10 "Revealers," another failed promotion that didn't go anywhere. I just found my set of ten...

Top row, left to right: Pontiac Banshee, Alien, Ferrari Testarossa, GT Racer, Shelby Cobra. Bottom: Purple Passion (in blue with WWs), Porsche 930, Lamborghini Diablo, '93 Camaro, and '65 Ford Mustang.
They forgot to open the boxes and take out the paper that congratulates you for being a "Prizewinner" in exchange for your blue token!
These are all still sealed in their baggies and the set is up for trade. I'm still compiling a revised wants list, and will post it soon.