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Hot Wheels Collector Day in Australia could have been good if...


So I rocked up nice and early at my local TRU for this Collector Day thingy. To give you an idea, there were only 2 TRU store in the state of New South Wales participating. New South Wales is larger than Pakistan, a bit larger than Texas, and four times the size of the UK. So I was lucky that one of the stores was less than ten minutes from my place.


So I’m thinking this might get busy, right? Well, there’s only four people (including me) waiting outside. And when the door opens, we all head to the Hot Wheels section and then... Well, there’s hardly anything new there. The two Renaults and the Civic was all I saw that interested me. No CSL, no Outlaw, don’t even think about TH or anything like that. Then I talked to the other guys and asked what they thought about the selection. I can’t repeat the answers here. But one guy said, “Oh, all the good stuff has been taken, and I know who took it.” and points in the general direction of a TRU employee loitering in the distance. I mean, I know the guys there take a lot of the good stuff - but


on an advertised collector’s day? Well, that’s a bit rich. Anyhow, I grabbed the Vette and the GTO as well to make up five cars to get the advertised free car. At least that was worth it - it’s the 2015 Collector Car which was a mail-in for the USA.

Nice casting, rubber tyres, metal base. At least that one was good. But yeah, I wasn’t happy overall. To make it worse, all the new stuff had been embargoed by Mattel until this Collector’s Day - so it was meant to be kind of a big deal. But I knew that as of today I could find the new cases in other shops. So I went looking for the Outlaw and CSL. I did get lucky on the Outlaw, but the CCSL was nowhere to be found. Every single one taken.


So the above is the outcome of one Saturday morning’s hunt - I mean, any other day I would have been happy. But as far as this so-called Collector’s Day goes, one pimply employee ruined it for everyone. Nice going.


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