Remember that blue Cars of the Decades McLaren F1 from last Thursday that I was going to customize? There is a funny story there.

After posting it on Instagram I got a message from a guy on there asking if I was willing to trade it for a Speed Machines McLaren F1 that he had already taken the wheels off of. He said it wasn’t in perfect condition and rolling on regular mainline wheels now.

Before seeing a photo of it I said yes, since I was going to strip and repaint it anyway, so the condition and wheels didn’t really matter anyway. And if I could help someone else’s collection at the same time, that was even better.


Only later, after he sent me a pic of the one he was sending me, did I realize it was my absolute Holy Grail Hot Wheels car, the Nick Mason GTR! Despite it not being in mint condition, I’m super stoked! And since it’s pre-drilled, I have no qualms about giving it new (better) wheels, and a full interior and engine detail job! Whoo!

Seen here with its wheel donor Camaro. I’m going to remove the silver lip and paint the wheels yellow, and they’ll look a lot like the yellow five spoke wheels on the 1:1!


I’m still on the hunt for a decently priced (not $60) mint on-the-card version, but now I have one in the mean time that I can play with at work and pretend to downshift and make glorious noise.