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There’s a Skyline fan in all of us. Whether you prefer the classic Hakosukas, the leading-edge R34, or you fall somewhere in between, even the most anti-JDM can find a Skyline for them. Luckily for all of us, Hot Wheels has the bases covered.

This post is to commemorate the two newest members of the family: Hot Wheels’ R30 and R33 Skylines.


I keep saying to myself that if Hot Wheels keeps pushing out these fantastic models, I’ll go bankrupt. It’s easy for $.99 purchases to stack up and screw you over. But I’d say it’s worth it, as Mattel’s new model choices are getting better and better on both sides of the scale. The R30 and R33 are spectacular examples of that.

Both of these models are some of the best that Hot Wheels has produced in a long, long time. They’re well-detailed and well-proportioned. The R33 is a must have for all collectors, even though I hate the real-life example. It’s a well-designed little model that fits right in with other lovely 90s JDM casts, such as the recently-released FD RX-7s and the 1st gen NSX.


The real star of the show, however, has to be the R30 Skyline. I didn’t think it was possible for Hot Wheels to create such a phenomenal cast as this. Okay, that’s a lie, but still, for all the new casts and models this year from brands all across the board, the R30 wins my heart immediately. It’s a well-known fact that I’m a strong purveyor of 80s JDM, and the R30 here is such a perfect love letter to the era which I love so much. Bravo, Mattel.


I’m very happy with the direction Mattel has been taking recently. Beautiful casts with beautiful detailing, and these two Skylines are perfect examples. I’ve got two of these models already, and I would love to see some variations in colors. And if Mattel is listening, if you really want to win my heart, a re-vamp of the R32 or maybe a Soarer Aerocabin, I’ll throw copious amounts of money at anything.

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