I’ve been saying for awhile that I want to swap the old C4 I have in my office collection with a newer cast. The design team at Mattell heard my call.

Entertainment Batch J includes the Corvette above from the James Bond film “A View to A Kill.” Looks like a nice cast from the limited pictures that WheelCollectors has posted to its eBay page. Plus, it has Real Riders!

You blokes better not buy up their stock before I get a chance to get one, lest I’ll be twiddling my thumbs around here waiting for one to land at Walmart.

Other fun news from Lamley: There’s a cool C6 Grand Sport Regular TH and this awesome C2 Grand Sport/C7 duo coming in one of the early 2016 batches. That’ll be the third C2 grand sport of my collection, haha.