I went back to the scene of the alleged crime that was the bag o’ casts and I found this rare gem.

This is a 1973 Hot Wheels Revvers Haulin’ Horses! And it is in beautiful shape!

I vaguely remember having a Revver, but it did not survive me. And for those not familiar with these cars, here’s a big reason why.

Some intricate plastic gearing that, along with a rubber rub ring that went around the black bit on the end (missing) and a rubber band underneath,


would propel itself under its own kinetic power, much like the rubber band airplanes! You would run the black wheel along the floor which wound up the rubber band, flick the tab and whoosh! Off it would shoot across the floor!


These were only on the market for 1973 and were discontinued, likely due to the gears breaking, children eating said gears or rubber bands, or dissatisfaction with the product by consumers as a whole.

The line consisted mostly of fantasy casts, but there was a custom Corvette as well as a sidecar that paired with a rrRumblers motorcycle, and a camping trailer for some odd reason. This happened to also be the first year that Mattel used enamel paints to replace the lead-based Spectraflame paint of the original casts.


I am glad I rescued this piece as it, much like the other cars from my bag, is in excellent condition. I did have to pay a bit more for it, but I think this car is worth it considering. I am going to get a replacement rubber ring for the rear winding wheel so it is a complete car again.

Thanks for looking and happy hunting!