Big things with little cars

Hot Wheels Vector W8.

A nearly forgotten, but awesome car. I would not have known about it if it wasn’t for this Hot Wheels casting. Thanks to an HWEP with androo a while back, I have come to really like this model, and, have come to appreciate the 1:1. Even if I don’t know about the car, if someone is cool or interesting, I will want it, and I will research the 1:1 as well. I love learning about cars that I’m not familiar with. Too bad this Hot Wheels only had one release :(


With the equally cool Saleen S7:

It’s funny, because this is among a number of cars I learned about through die-cast. This is another reason why the hobby is great. I’ve come to know and appreciate a number of cars through these models.

Also, I really want this and the McLaren F1 GTR to come back via the mainline. The Vector W8 is awesome, and the F1 is an iconic, legendary car, and I’d imagine it would be a very welcome addition to the mainline. Also, we need the F1 to go with the P1 :)

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