Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Not exactly fresh news for me but I haven’t heard much people talking about this so I thought I should share. Pre-order precautions ahead.

In addition to the Hot Wheels version slated later this year, Tarmac Works is also preparing their version of a Rauh-Welt Bergiff Porsche, Stella. Stella was the first RWB Porsche. With the type of namesake branding on the sides, don’t expect to see Stella coming in Hot Wheels form.

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And as a fair warning to my fellow LALD’ers, please pay close attention to the stock photo’s disclosures: Prototype – Subject to License Approval. If you do plan on preordering this (and it doesn’t matter where you preorder from), make sure you preorder it on its own and separate from any other items you hope to receive by December. Some of the licensed brands on Stella are not brands you would commonly associate with automotives or automotive racing. Be careful with your preorders, as your order may be held up indefinitely due to this car and licensing issues.

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