Stores in my area are very slow to get new stuff, and, as a result, I had never actually seen a Poppa Wheelie in real life until two days ago.

When I saw it announced on the video of that hot wheels conference several months ago, and again when it was featured on Lamley, I really wanted this little quirky model. Looked so fun, a Reliant Robin with it's nose up in the air.

But when I finally saw it at Target, I noticed it was an unpainted plastic body and just did absolutely nothing for me. No stirring in the loins, not even a minor tickle. I'm really glad now that I never HWEPed for it.

Needless to say, I left the store with only the awesome, awesome Matchbox Pontiac Firebird. And I don't even usually like American metal.

Have you ever had that model that you really wanted, but when you finally came face to face with it, it just did nothing for you?


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