So it’s not entirely complete, with 10 or so still to be announced. Peculiarly the last HW Exotics model is one of said to be announced models. Personally I’m hoping for either a Chiron of a Valkrye. As for breaking news We’re getting the ‘19 Chevy Silverado, and old Dodge, and strangle a Countach Pace Car. Didn’t know there was a COuntach Pace car but hey, beats the ‘tooned version. Here’s the frontrunner for me, though. There’s gonna be another Batman series, because of goddamned course there is. But, it brings with it the Batmobile from the 1992 Animated Series, one of the best shows to ever hit the small screen and a huge favorite of mine. So as sick as I and I’m sure all of you are of Batmobiles, this one’s a HUGE exception. Now, just wondering if it’ll have a V8, V10, or V12. The animators never could decide.