Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

Hour Rule: Display Reshuffle

Just tidying my spare room and thought the display unit needed a bit of a refresh - got a bit bored looking at the Car Culture stuff.

I thought long and hard and realised I haven’t taken my Tomica Subaru R2's out in a while. These do go nicely with my biggish collection of Subaru 360's so I might fill the rest of my display with them again.


When it comes to little tiny cars, Tomica sure makes a fine job of them (360, Be-1, Civic, just to name a few), and the Subaru R2 is no exception. I am sure there are countless variations still out there but I haven’t notice any releases from recent years. The newest one here would probably be the Aeon mall police version or the fire one.

Anyway, when I am not too lazy, I will take some proper photos of these.

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