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Hour Rule - Euro Stash!

The stash from Ck Model Cars finally came home yesterday with my friend who is here on a vacation. Originally I thought that it was a mistake to splurge like this, but on hindsight, with the kind of deal I got (with flat shipping), I can’t think of even one of these that I wouldn’t want in my collection. And I am so thrilled that my friend decided to up my budget by 2x & buy my entire wishlist.

Now for the cars.

I am not a Ferrari fan at all. But IMO, any self-respecting Formula 1 fan needs to have at least one of Michael Schumacher’s cars in their collection. So here is Schumacher’s championship winning F2001 from Altaya. Designed by Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne for the 2001 Formula One season, the F2001 helped Schumacher win the 4th of his 7 F1 drivers crown, and Ferrari their 11th constructors’ title.

Michael Schumacher’s famed Ferrari F2001

Next is a set of cars driven by a set of legendary F1 drivers by Altaya. Seems that these are part of a series of 16 such legendary cars. Also it appears that the McLaren M7C that I already have is part of the same set as well.

Then I picked up a pair of Red Bull F1 cars by Bburago in 1:64. As a fan of Mark Webber, I always wanted to have one of his cars and fittingly one of these cars (the #2 car) was the last one he drove in his last Formula 1 season in 2013.


And now for a trio of Le Mans racers - one by IXO and the other two by Kyosho.

Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 #50 Winner GTE AM 24h LeMans 2011

I did not realise it when I bought them, but the two Kyosho models turned out to be RC racers. But I think they are still fully assembled display models nevertheless.


Footnote: Apologies for the bad camera angles, but I shot these on a whim before putting them off into storage temporarily.

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