Big things with little cars

Hour Rule - Feeling Relieved!

Have you ever suddenly realized that you cant find some of your most treasured cars in your collection? And have you felt that feeling of relief wash over you when you finally find out that you have actually kept them safe somewhere due to lack of space in your display? That’s what I’ve been going through today.

For the past month or so now, I had been hyperventilating every couple of days because I couldn’t find (at least) 6 of my models. After hunting for them almost everwhere at home, I had given up. I reasoned with myself that I had somehow thrown out a shopping bag that I had been storing them in (along with trash), when cleaning out stuff a few months ago.


But today the wife found the models neatly stacked in a closet behind her clothes. Honestly, I have no recollection whatsoever of placing them there. But the understanding spouse that she is, she never moves around my treasures and so it definitely was me that put them there and then forgot all about it.

Now the relief is overwhelming! And so I thought I will show them to you here.

Audi A4 STW, High Speed, 1:43
Chevy Corvette C6.R, IXO, 1:43
Maserati Tipo 420 M/58 Eldorado, Leo Models, 1:43
Maserati 450 S, Leo Models, 1:43
Porsche 962 C LH, Kyosho DNano, 1:43
Mazda 787B, Kyosho DNano, 1:43

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