Forgive Me Friday + Mail Call

Yesterday I said we’ve had enough white Civic posts. Well HY90’s package arrived in the mail today and it included another white Civic. Why not show off the line of white FK2 Civic Type Rs? All different castings.

Left to right: Tomica Cool Drive (plastic), Tomica, Hot Wheels, Tarmac Works


The real reason I wanted that HW Type R? To display it like this:

The box comes from an aftermarket reboxed Tomica Cool Drive I bought just for the box.

The cars that Howard sent over: Honda CRX to compare with my TLVN, silver MBX Skyline I’ve been looking for, the two MBX 510 rally variants, Modern Classics 190E EVO II that I once regret not buying, an Integra just to help him clear some space, an FnF Skyline that there’s no way I’d find in the wild, another FnF Skyline that I’m sending overseas to a middle-schooler who wants one, and that FK2 Type R.


Thanks Howard for the awesome pieces and great prices! Just a few more HWs before I have all the ones I’m looking for. Really appreciate it!

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