Hour Rule: Happy Paint Outcomes!

As of right now I don’t have an airbrush, so my painting techniques are limited. But sometimes it’s not that bad, and it turns out as I hoped!

Like with this awesome Aston Martin DB5. There are so many great DB5 colors out there that it was hard to choose (which is part of the reason why the Radford DB5 shootingbrake remains unpainted, but more on that later). I love the idea of a really dark Midnight Blue, however, and really hoped that I could get something really rich and dark by using a black primer with Testors Transparent Blue over the top, just to give things a blue sheen. It was really tough to tell as I was spraying it on, but now that it’s dry, it seems like it has worked!


Now just to find time to detail the thing...

Oh, and the Radford I was talking about? I was going to spray it grey the same evening as I did this one, but it fell off my papertowel roll holder and the roof fell off. Back to the bench with that one!

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