Big things with little cars

Two Tomica Honda Odyssey (s/ies?). The Tokyo Auto Salon one I have seen a few times before but at stupidly high prices. Happen to come across one at a really really good price and figured it was time to add it to my collection.

Also picked up a diorama set from Hong Kong brand Tiny. I think they came on the 1/64 scene about 2 years ago and released Hong Kong based vehicles complete with local real liveries. They have since expanded into 1/43 scales, dioramas and even scaled figurines to go with dioramas. The vehicles I can give a miss as I think there are still some quality issues but the buildings and car parks look pretty nice. Unfortunately they were all sold out so got the 1 of 2 street sets for now

The set up at their store
Looks just like the real Hong Kong, minus the crowds

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