Big things with little cars

I am a big fan of Kinsmart. And lately, they have been on a roll. Their latest release news has me hyperventilating - in a good way! Just look at it, particularly those 5 spoke wheels!

And this next one, I am not gonna miss either!


So, I am a big fan of Kinsmart. Wait, I said that earlier too, didn’t I. Ah well! So while their models aren’t exactly comparable to a Minichamps or an IXO, their catalog is definitely mix of cool and quirky, all at a price that is extremely light on the pocket. And some of my favorite models that I have posted here on LaLD are all Kinsmarts.

Recently, these are the ones that found their way to my shelves!


But this one, this is the one just got away right in front of my eyes.


When I got to one of the local mom-pop toy stores, this one in that classic Bond silver was sitting on the counter, but there was this young kid in the store that had already chosen it for himself. His dad was helping him choose a couple more cars and I had my fingers crossed that the kid would choose other models over this one. But alas, he had good taste!

So I left word with the shop owner asking him to keep his eye open about the DB5, along with the premium hot wheels that I had gone there to enquire about.

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