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Hour Rule - Land of the Rising Sunday Hawl!

Two good weekends and I managed to lay my hands on a few cars I was watching our for. So time to play theme bingo here! :D

So last weekend, my eyes fell on the Civic Type R and the Mazda RX7 along side the Kinsmarts that I already posted about.


This weekend, i.e today, I walked into a toy store that I never go into (because they never stock any of the known brands) & hit the MOTHER LODE!

The single revolving display was LOADED - found 2 each of the Advan Fairlady Z, the R30 Skyline, the blue custom Kaidohouse Z in addition to the silver NSX, the green camo Datsun 620, a white Viper and the blue Corvette convertible and the red Renault Sport RS01.

Considering alarm bells have been going off at home regarding my recent spends on this particular hobby, apart from the 2 JDMs above, I picked up only this Corvette.


Also I left the blue Kaidohouse Zs to the next guy since I’d traded for it with one of you here (shout out to shop-teacher - Wooohoo!) and it is getting to me next week. But wondering now if I should have may be added the Viper and the NSX! Aah well!

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