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Hour Rule - Majorette Hawl!

So I have been mostly off this site because work has been shitty these past few months. But the end is in sight, but with that end comes change. So while I work around that change, here is my latest hawl!

The cousin from down under was in India for his yearly vacation to meet family and with him came part of my Majorette wishlist. His trip came at the cusp of a Majorette stock refresh, so I missed a few hot ones through him. But good news later on in the month more than made up for that disappointment.

First a handful of assorted Majorettes from the Racing and Premium lines - That white Ford Fiesta kinda fills a hole in my list - I would have had to buy the transporter to get this


The best of this hawl from Australia was this Civic Type R. One of Majorette’s soc-med folks on Insta told me that they have spun off the Type R into its own series (three colors in a “very limited batch”) with this matte black being some sort of a chase.

And a few days after that, I heard some solid news - Majorette had found a exclusive distributor in India and were going to sell their models through a hobby site. And when an email from the site showed up on my phone, I jumped and ordered the WRC cars that had eluded my cousin in Australia by just a week.


But the icing on the cake (at least personally) was this Porsche 934.


I am yet to open these because I have a big move coming up in just about a month and I really should be packing up everything safely, but I must just get tempted to open up the WRC Polo and this 934.

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