Big things with little cars

Hour Rule - My Best Hawl

I’ve had a good day here and there in finding some decent cars. But there was this one span of a few days in June that I think I had the best week of hunting.

This first batch was from Walmart and the first time that I’ve seen the Jeep series in stores. I got the white Cherokee Trailhawk and red Wrangler Superlift soon afterwards. Never got the silver Willys or black Hurricane as I didn’t like those so much. Also, this was my first ZAMAC with the Cuda.


This batch was from Shop-Rite and my first Datsun 510 wagon. I’ve since acquired the red version and also awaiting the Japan Historic in the mail.

These were also from the same Shop-Rite but from a few days earlier. Love that Ferrari and am always up for some Batmobiles.


And these last few were from Target. Almost completed my Star Wars set. Been waiting for that Ackbar. And that Toyota is awesome!

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