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Hour Rule: Opening my 2019 account...

So the Gulf series finally showed up in my neck of the woods.

Two weeks ago, I had called a local store after hearing from thunted on Instagram that Mattel is going to sell premiums in India. This was the same store where I had found the 1st assortment of the 50th Anniversary Favorites on the pegs, but the owner had not heard of this set at all. But he did say if they would be available, the distributor would let him know for sure. I mentally decided to call him a week later, but never did. Today I walked into his store and he had one set on his pegs! I picked these three and left the Golf and the 500D alone. The cards aren’t perfect, but since I am anyways going to DLM these, I dont care!


But more importantly, I’ve exchanged numbers with the owner. And I am going to message him on Whatsapp whenever I hear of new car culture or premium sets (F&F Premiums, Open Track and Silhouettes) in India and he promised to tell me when new stuff shows up. So no more asking my sister to go on the ebay for a full set!

And I also found the 2nd batch of the 50th Anniversary series on Amazon India last week and picked up the 2 that I liked. I was in two minds about the Chevy gasser, but ultimately left it and the Drag bus alone.

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