Hour Rule - Postman just brought me some Tomicas!

So the latest order from Hobbylink Japan showed up today. Reasons for this order include a long time wish list item (the Lexus), a price markdown (the Lancia) and plain what-if (the Abarth, which I hope to talk about later and explain this).

Tomica Lexus IS CCS-R
Tomica Abarth 124 Spider
Tomica Premium Lancia Stratos HF Rally

Also, before you go, I have a couple of questions -

a. Where does one go to get diecast cars in Singapore? I saw TE71Xin’s post here about one such store and someone else told me about a store called LetsCollect at Bencoolen Street. But are there more such stor


b. Anyone know the size of the head of (infamous?) triwing/triangle screw that holds IXO models to their plastic base/stand? I bought a screw driver set that had a 3.0 (as per the marking on the box), but it is too big for that screw. Anyone know?

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