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Hour Rule: The Great Indian Sale Haul - 2018 Edition

It is that time of the year in India and I ended up splurging. At $8 a pop, the price/discount was a little too good to pass up even though 1/32 is not my scale of choice when it comes to race cars, but

But now that they are here, I am having buyers remorse about that Viper. Look at those hideous wheels. UGHHH!


But the other two are just fine!

The other problem is - both the carboard and the acrylic case came damaged. The acrylic is chipped at the edges and so I might have to discard the box.


Edit: I published this yesterday after sitting on the post for almost a day while I tried to edit the images to post. And after publishing, the post wasn’t showing in the page and I was trying to figure out why. Then I found that the timestamp was from a day earlier when I started making the post. And that was why the post didn’t show up on the main page. So am reupping the post now after changing the timestamp. If someone has an issue with this, Do let me know! It was a honest miss, but I dont mind changing the timestamp back again to 2 days ago.

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