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How about $3.60 for this Polistil VW Polo?

Welcome back to Nice Price or Crack Pipe, the post that I haven’t been able to put up for two day’s but is now back!


Remember the MGB? They stopped making them in the ‘80s. Last week’s Corgi MG MGB GT went down in a 63.64% Crack Pipe loss, meaning what was ditched in the ‘80’s, should have stayed in the ‘80’s.

Have you heard of Polistil? No? It’ not surprising, because the company only existed for about 25 years. Polistil was founded in 1960 as Politoys APS. The started production of about 100 different plastic cars in 1/41 scale. In the early 1960’s, they also made fiberglass cars, so your 1/41 Corvette was closer to the real thing. In 1964 or 1965, Politoys started making their cars in diecast, which was more durable. In 1970, they changed their name to Polistil due to copyright issues. Polistil was headquartered in Milan, and, like HW or MBX, released new castings in different scales every couple of years. Polistil had two main line ups: The M series, also called the E, EL, and HE series was 1/43 scale. It including castings such as the Fiat 850 Coupe, Fiat 600, Innocenti Mini, Lamborghini Espada, Opel Kadett, and Autobianchi A112 Abarth. The other line was the penny series, introduced in 1966, that featured 3” scale cars, similar to Matchbox and Majorette. That is the line that our featured car comes from.


Our featured Penny Series VW Polo is 1/55 scale. It has some wear and dings, but you don’t see too many Polistil cars. This one is for sale in Greta Britain, so you’ll have to pay $5.50 to get it shipped over here.


Detail on this model is very good, and features opening doors, accurate proportions, and engraved badges details. This quality is similar to Matchbox of the same time period.


So the only question left is, is this Polistil a Nice Price or a Crack Pipe?


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Find it here on ebay.

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