...that these would come on a Teutonic Tuesday!

So I’ve been seeing lots of people post on IG that they’ve been finding the new BMW series. I went to see for myself and sure enough, they were there! There was plenty of each car except the Z4 GT3, which was the lone one. The motorcycle was an easy pass and the E36 casting is awful so I skipped those. Haven’t opened these yet, but the E92 looks to be the best of them all. Those wheels make a big difference.

All doubles are up for trades, so let me know if you need them!

Also, some other HAWLs from the weekend:


The Auto World Release 4 that I mentioned yesterday. I’ve featured them on my blog, in case you’re interested. Also,


More vintage JL’s from TRU! It seems that they restock these every once in a while, which really makes me question whether these are “leftovers” or if they’re secretly producing more of these to make more profit (at $7 apiece, that’s a LOT of profit).

Last but not least, I’ve been on an eBay tear lately. I always tell myself not to do online purchases, but I’m on a mission to complete a certain series. I’ll post about it once all my shipments have arrived.


Thanks for looking!