Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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How Did You Get Here?

Quick questions for you:

  1. How did you come across Live and Let Diecast!
  2. What method do you use to reach the site?

The first question I’m always interested in. IG? Oppo? Reddit? Another blog?

The second is that because we are hosted on the kinja network we have a rather unweildly default URL:

We do also own two other URLs that redirect here:

Personally I use as it is the shortest I could come up with that still makes sense. It’s also cleverly semi-hidden in our “deluxe” logo

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However, I do have to pay for both those domains and I get the impression that most people don’t use the shorter versions. So how do you get here? Were you aware of the non-kinja addresses? Are you in favor of maintaining them?


Your input is much appreciated! Thank you as always for being a member of this community!

(It’s also been quite a long time since I thanked the LaLDatsun logo designer Into_the_Forest. She doesn’t come around much but her logo is an essential element to our identity. Thank you!)

EDIT: Here was/is my reasoning behind the alternate URLs: 1) We may not be on Kinja forever so having our own domain seems like good insurance if we switch platforms, 2) Telling someone about LaLD in real life and then explaining that the url is so long imo makes it rather unlikely they’ll bother to visit, and 3) Personally I find amateur-ish sounding. The example I used in the comments was, and finally, 4) I dig the hidden URL in our logo :)

These are fairly personal reasons though. It sounds like the majority of you were unaware of of the alternate addresses. Now that you know about them do you think you might use them? Since I visit the site so often just typing “L” in the address bar fills in for me, but if there are other sites you visit more that begin with “L” I’m curious if you’d keep up the Kinja part now that you are aware of a shorter version.

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