I was out at lunchtime yesterday on the hunt for the new Cuda Team Transport as BrickSeek “told” me the local WM had 10 in stock. With a quantity of 10, this just had to be the new TTs!!

So when I showed up and started sorting through the isle, not a single TT was to be found. Since I really didn’t find anything, I started cleaning up and arranging the pegs like most of us do when we come across a diecast section in shambles. Then I spotted this as I began fronting the boxed sets on the shelves....can you spot it?

I seriously couldn’t believe this lone Skyline TT had not been snagged after all this time. Maybe it was a return? Anyways... I put it in it’s proper location and left the store hoping a true collector (as opposed to Sammy scalper) finds this little gem and brings it home to enjoy. Trust me, the temptation to buy was real, but really, do I need two of these? Some of you probably shouldn’t answer that question! Ha ha!