So I was playing around with my cheap-o spray paints and decided paint a couple of cars laying around. One of them being the Porsche 911, actually had a build plan (I will tell later). So I waited for my cars to dry and started looking around through boxes and stuff and found an old can of clear coat that I got for my picnic table and never used.

Immediately I had an idea. So when my cars dried I grabbed the first one and dunked it in the bucket. As I took it out immediate feelings of regret and terror flooded upon me as I saw all of the bubbles on the surface of the car. I left the poor car to dry and went to bed. In the morning I checked on my car ready to throw it in acetone. As I walked up to it I noticed that the bubbles on the surface were gone. I checked if it was dry and put it back together for an 8:30am photo shoot. Here’s the finished product. I will post pics of the clear and paint that I used in the comment