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How to lower (Most) Majorette cars

Who wants to see a Pandem widebody on this golf?

Now some of you may be wondering how I get such (not really) flawless fitment on my majorette cars (probably not). And I can show you how to do it with simple tools (Excluding the drill). The only tools you will need are Popsicle sticks, and old credit or gift card, needle nose pliers (incase you want moaar camber), and a Majorette car (duh) with working suspension. Now Majorette cars don’t hold themselves together as well as hotwheels do when you drill the rivets, so you might want to find a way to fasten them together. I use super glue for mine.


First, after the rivets have been drilled. You need to take the small metal wire that holds the wheels down to the base, off. The wire bends when you push the car down so that’s how the suspension works.

So what you need to do next, is trim your spacers (popsicle stick/credit card) to fit in between the posts that keep the wheels in place. And what that does is holds the wheels higher up off of the base, lowering the car.


Next you very carefully place the spacers where the axles go. Then you put the wheels of choice with their axles back on where they go, resting on the spacers. Then the metal wire clips back on the base holding the axles on the spacers, and the spacers on the base.

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