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How to Transport Teams

It’s been a hot minute, but I wanted to just leave this here...

I’m really liking the new Car Culture Team Transport series, I’m just missing the black Hakosuka wagon set so far.

Set 1, # FLF 61: VW Transporter and Porsche 356
Set 2, # FLF 59: Sakura Sprinter and Nissan C130 Laurel 2000SGX
Set 3, # FVL 00?: Carry On and Nissan C10 Skyline Wagon (not pictured)
Set 4, # FLF 57: Retro Rig and Plymouth ‘Cuda Snake Don Prudhomme
Set 5, # FLF 58: Retro Rig and Plymouth Duster Mongoose Tom McEwen
Set 6, # FLF 60: Fleet Flyer and Porsche 962 Race Car


Thanks for reading!

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