Had my biggest HAWL in a while today, hit up two Walmarts (one was decent, one was a bust), a TRU (also a bust), and two Targets that were bug successes.

Iโ€™ll have pics of them for a big HAWL post later tonight, but Iโ€™ll list everything below so you can get an idea ahead of time.


- The ENTIRE Target-exclusive Retro assortment first batch (had to go to a second Target to get the Toyota Pickup)

- A bunch of the Target Spring card models:

- Store exclusive Spring Edition Fast 4WD and Anthracite

- Epic Fast, Wattzup, Terrain Storm, Tanknator, โ€˜10 Pro Stock Camaro (sadly, no Super), Shelby GT350R, โ€˜17 NSX, โ€˜69 Charger 500, โ€˜85 CR-X, and TH Grease Rod on Target Spring cards (which all look phenominal)


- Duplicate R.S. 01, NSX, and GT350R for DLM

- Combat Medic and Blitzspeeder on normal cards


- โ€˜15 F-150 recolor

- BMW M5 Police recolor

- Freightliner M2 106 Pumper (fantastic new casting)

Plus, I got my first Racing Champions Mint, a โ€˜68 Plymouth Road Runner 383 (which, according to the chassis, is an early RC Mint casting, introduced in 1997).