Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars
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Hunting Tip: HW J Case and Avengers series now at Walmart

Went out shopping today and decided to look at what my local Walmart had for Hot Wheels. Main area and the bin were the same ol’ stuff that I saw the last few times I was there.

But, I came across a surprise when I passed the electronics section...they had a massive display set out for the upcoming Avengers film, Infinity War.


Amongst the Marvel merchandise, there were three bin sections loaded with Hot Wheels cars. Two of the sections were full of the all new Walmart exclusive Avengers series, a 7 car set with each car representing a member of the Avengers, including a Black Panther Qombee.

Picked up a complete set of those, since I tend to collect these store exclusive assortments when I can put together a full set.


The third section, though...was 2018 J Case mainline models. No Supers (‘52 Chevy, only one basic version), no regular TH (Kool Kombi), but I did pick up the Fandango Rook from the Checkmate series, a ‘18 Mustang GT, and the white recolor of the Mazda REPU.

So, check the electronics section of your local Walmart, you might be surprised what you find.

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