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Hurricane Harvey update for my LaLD Fam.

Sup eveyone in the LaLD universe.... LaLDiverse? This is ULY checking in from my home city turned island of Houston, Texas.

As you know, the Texas Gulf Coast got mega R3KT by a pretty gnarly category 3/4 hurricane. The fairly big city of Corpus Christi and other smaller towns just north of it got the main impact. Crazy winds and storm surge destroyed a lot of structures along the path. My heart goes out to the people in the destruction zone.


The days after the storm touched down though, another disaster was looming. In it’s counter clock-wise rotation, the east side of the storm is considered the “dirty side” because it’s the side that pumps in the most rain. Houston, who has a metropolitan population of 6.5 million, was in direct threat of this rain. You know how a weather radar shows green for light rain, yellow for more rain and red for intense storms. Imagine if an entire city was between red and purple (mega storms) on/off for 3 days.

Long story short, the entire 10,062 sq mi (26,060 km2) of the metro area is in an emergency level of flood protocol.

Over night last night, the rain stopped enough to clear some streets. I was actually able to come into work (every puny penny counts at my house lol). Though, it might have been a mistake because the way I saw the map, the rain was finally going to pull away.....



Doesn’t really look like that is the case. It just won’t stop raining. Most areas have received up to 30+ inches (75+ cm) or rain within days. Add all this current and constant rain is not helping. It has been a very slow moving system.

My home is near our large airport and the drainage there is pretty rad. Plus, my house is pretty elevated from the street. My Moose (Volvo XC90) plus my many years of navigating the city is helping me move about even if some streets are closed. We have supplies and power. Very fortunate compared to others.


At my brother’s house, the winds picked up like crazy at one point to where he and his family had to take shelter in an internal room. When it passed, their swing set was destroyed and their trampoline, that was fastened, was nowhere to be found.

A tornado warning was also place by one of my dad’s friend’s home. My dad called him to see how he was, his words. “I’m cool, just watching the game. I’m not sure how bad it is right now but let me look out the window..... oh $&%*^, my neighbor’s car is flipped on it’s roof”


Seems like the worst part of the storm has passed but the rain just doesn’t stop. I will be headed home soon and update this post if anything crazy happens. Here is one last pic a took right outside my desk :]

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