Big things with little cars

HW Hunting Tip: Three more stores that could be great places to look.

Went out today, because I had to get a new headset for my XB1 (the speakers in my TB Ear Force XO One started to go on me, the volume (literally) pops from low, to none, to loud at random...had the headset for nearly three I’m now the proud owner of a new Ear Force Recon 50X).

Spotted Hot Wheels models in three stores I didn’t expect to find them: Best Buy (where I picked up the headset at), GameStop, and ThinkGeek (a Gamestop subsidiary).


The Best Buy and GameStop carried a small selection of mainline cars (GameStop had 2/3 times as many as Best Buy, all were 2017 mainline cars, no Super or Regular THs, sadly), while ThinkGeek was the very first store I’ve seen the 50th Anniversary Black and Gold cars (the only had the Ranchero and Impala, so I didn’t grab any).

So, if you have any of those stores near you, I’d suggest giving them a look. You might be surprised what you find.

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