Big things with little cars
Big things with little cars

HW Trade Network - Canadian Members ?

I love the idea of the Hot Wheels Exchange Program but how can this be done efficiently for Canadians?

Shipping throughout the United States seems to be more affordable making it easier for collectors to jump on board, maybe $4-$10 for a couple cars. In Canada, shipping 1-4 cars will cost minimum $10 and up to $20 for up to 8 cars (or up to 750g in weight). If a Canadian wants to ship to the U.S., it seems to be even more.


It seems like the thickness of the package is what makes it pricier to ship and lets get real, no one on here will poorly package the cars (on a card or loose) as we all want to preserve condition.

How is everyone packaging their cars? and besides something like, how can we save on shipping, especially in Canada?


I don’t have all the answers by any means which is why I’m reaching out to the LALD community for advise.

Are there many Canadian Collectors on LALD?

Is there a way make a list of Canadian Collectors / Traders so we can have a bit of fun and not spend our HW $ all on shipping?


P.S. with the CAN/US exchange rate, is it not more affordable for US collectors to source some from Canada?

Looking forward to hearing from the LALD Community.

Cheers to good collecting and happy hunting.

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